Christophe Living provides a custom solutions service which offers to answer all your furnishing needs. We understand the importance of finding that special piece to improve your living space so whether you need custom sized furniture, have a unique storage need or a can’t find the perfect cabinet to display your treasured family ornaments, we will work with our craftsmen to design and create a unique piece which will be sure to satisfy.

If you are finding it difficult to visualise your perfect interior, Christophe Living can provide you with a holistic design service tailored to your needs, ensuring that your perfect home is achieved. The service often begins with you visiting our showroom to explore our range of products, followed with a home visit from Jean-Christophe where he can gain further develop the design ideas. standing into your requirements. This process is very effective in gathering a deep understanding into your requirements and Jean-Christophe is frequently complimented on his ability to recognise the needs that many customers have struggled to express.

Our Services

Chair and table setting specifically designed to suit the room

Interior Design

Allow Jean-Christophe to create your own perfect French interior with our custom interior design service, exclusive to Christophe Living.

Interior Design Service

Detailed hand made handle on a custom made piece by Christophe Living

Custom Design Pieces

Been searching for that perfect piece? Christophe Living specialises in creating perfect fitting custom furniture. Stop searching, you’ve found the perfect piece.

Custom furniture design service

White custom made curtain above window

Curtains & Drapery

Add the finishing touches to your perfect room. Curtains & Drapery are a perfect way to bring live and spirit to a living space.

Curtains & Drapery

A word about Craftsmanship

The traditional techniques of furniture making are the result of many centuries worth of development and evolution.

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt, our chief designer, is completely passionate about quality and traditional craftsmanship. Having trained in cabinet making, woodcarving, French polishing and antique restoration Jean-Christophe is a true craftsman at heart and really believes in the importance of handcrafted pieces.

More on Craftsmanship