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Wall Panels

Used in both a formal and informal context, wall panels can be styled to your requirements.

Creating wall features is very on trend at the moment and wall panelling is a great way of merging contemporary style with timeless, classic design. Wall panels are a great way to add subtle structure to the room, which helps to create a framework for the arrangement of art and wall lights.

Used in both a formal and informal context, wall panels can be styled to your requirements. For a more formal and dramatic effect you may wish to have your wall panels gilded or painted in a contrasting tone, or for a subtle look the panels can be painted to blend with the rest of the wall. Carvings and motifs can be also be built in to the panel frame.

Wall panelling allows you to create an extra layer within the room with the framing and bordering making its own statement of elegance. With the help of master craftsmen Jean-Christophe Burckhardt will design and install your wall panels to suit your requirements.

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At Christophe Living we can create elegant and sophisticated wardrobes that enhance your bedroom

Whilst many of our customers appreciate the functionality of built-in wardrobes, it is a common complaint that they are plain and unattractive. As a solution to this, JC has designed a range of Louis XV and XVI wardrobe doors to compliment your French bedroom.

We offer a complete wardrobe installation service, or we can fit doors to existing wardrobes. The doors have been designed to enable for customisation and can be embellished with carved motifs, or left simple and elegant. We offer both a sprayed or hand-brushed finished which can be adapted to suit your style.

To complete your French style wardrobe, we carry an extensive collection of beautiful doorknobs and back plates for you to choose from.

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Custom Solutions

At Christophe Living we can make that special piece custom to your needs and desires.

There are many instances where standardised furniture cannot fulfil your requirements or give the desired effect you are searching for. One of Jean-Christophe’s specialties is to custom design either free standing or built in pieces that can meet both your needs and the needs of the room.

Jean-Christophe’s previous work includes custom solutions for display buffets, storage and show cabinets, entertainment units, libraries, studies and entrance furniture. He loves the challenge of combining customer’s special requirements, whether it storage, display or size, whilst staying true to the elegant French style.

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