The bedroom is the most private space in the house; it is where we rest and let go of our public persona and become intimate both with ourselves and others.

A French bedroom is the perfect space to relax, feel safe and enjoy our intimate moments. There are many different ways in which you can style your French bedroom, depending on how you like to feel within the space.

A French provincial bedroom uses classic shapes and colours for an elegant and romantic atmosphere; the Parisian style integrates both old and new, creating a chic and stylish feel; French country blends a range of textures and patterns to create a warm and inviting atmosphere and a Versaille bedroom is often styled to highlight those special details giving it a feeling reminiscent of 17th century French palaces.

The Provincial Style

Louis XV Bedside Cabinet Chest of 3 Drawers
Classic Provincial Bedroom

In this French provincial style bedroom we can see how the taupe walls blend perfectly with the creamy white carpet creating a soft and romantic atmosphere in which you can imagine spending many dreamy hours. The sandy brown, striped Belgian fabric on the Louis XV sleigh bed contrasts beautifully with the gracious curves of the frame adding depth to the room.

The bed itself has been finished in antique white with matching Louis XV bedside tables, creating gently distinguished features. The painting hanging above the bed along with the textured cushions, show how the subtle touches can really pull a room together; the brown and orange hues smoothly integrate together to provide an accent to the room.

Here is another example of a Provincial bedroom, again using the Louis XV sleigh bed.

Louis XV Bedside Cabinet Chest of 3 Drawers
Louis XV Sleigh Bed with Toile Upholstery


The toile on the upholstery is classic and refined, however the strong polished timber finish of the wooden frame combined with matching bedsides brings a masculine element to the room.


The Parisian Style

The Parisian style highlights the versatility of French design, here we see the Louis XV sleigh bed given a contemporary twist with bold upholstering.

Parisian Chic Bedroom
Parisian Chic Bedroom


Louis XV Sleigh Bed Painted
Carving Highlighted with Distressed Black

The strong contrast of the black and gold stripes create a contemporary feeling within the room, with the look and texture of velour bringing a feeling of decadence. The bed has been painted using antique white, however the carvings have been pronounced with a distressed black finish.

Although the aged finish of the bed frame contradicts the modern style of the upholstery, it is exactly this bringing together of the old and new that epitomises the Parisian style.

In this bedroom, again we can see the boldly contrasting colours within the black and white with smatterings of taupe keeping the room understatedly glamorous.

The carvings on the Louis XV Loire bed look beautifully opulent for the Parisian style without being highlighted and have been left slightly subdued in the antique white wash. The head and foot of this bed has been made using raised timber panels as this keeps it prominent against the dark fabrics of the curtain and carpet without closing the room.  However it is possible to use caning or to have the panels upholstered as pictured below.

Loire Full bedtimber

Louis XV Bed with Deep Buttoned Leather Upholstery and Finished with Dark Timber Polish
Louis XV Bed with Deep Buttoned Leather Upholstery and Finished with Dark Timber Polish

The French Country Style

The French Country style is synonymous with warmth and charm and this has been achieved within this room using of a range of textures.

Versailles Louis XV Bedhead Cane Painted
Versailles Louis XV Bedhead Cane Painted


The quilting on the toile bed cover appears pillowy and welcoming while the chair cushions have a featherlike edging which looks soft and cozy.  This French Country room provides a perfect example of how one can use additional components such as seating to create an inviting atmosphere.  Here a pale azure Louis XV bergere has been used, which contrasts perfectly against the sky blue walls, creating a space in which you can relax and unwind as well as for it’s for primary purpose.

Louis XV Style Wingback Pale Azure Bergere with Carving
Louis XV Style Wingback Pale Azure Bergere with Carving


Picture shows headboard close up.  Headboard is carved, with a pine cone sitting on top of the pose.  It has been painted antique white and is canes.
Louis XVI Headboard

Another important element to this room is the use of the headboard.  The cane finished antique white Louis XVI headboard creates a light and airy feel to the room and helps the shades of white against the blues to appear almost cloud like.

Using a fixed headboard is a great way of ensuring that the bed remains prominent while not appearing bulky, leaving the room spacious and open.

The caned Louis XVI headboard in this picture has been finished in an antique white which softens the intricate carvings.








The Versaille Style

Carved headboard finished in a dark timber polish with gilding to highlight carvings.  Carvings are a rope and scroll design with pine cones sitting on top of the posts.  In the top centre of the frame are carvings of classical instruments.  The headboard has been upholstered with green and pink flowery fabric

The Louis XVI headboard embodies the Versaille style, whisking you away to the grand French palaces that you would find exquisitely and elaborately decorated The gilding against the dark polished timber magnificently highlights the detail in the carving.  The fabric used for the upholstery is typical of design favoured by Marie-Antoinette and gracefully compliments the neoclassical lines of found within the Louis XVI style.  This piece is truly impressive and still holds sophistication.

How we design

After years working in the design industry Jean-Christophe understands the importance of creating a space which reflects your needs.  With the bedroom being such a personal space, trust is crucial to the design process and Jean-Christophe prides himself on his skills in building a good relationship with clients which allows him to connect and understand them better.

People use the bedroom for a multitude of things, some purely for rest and recuperation, some as a place to relax and possibly read a good book or maybe for you it’s where you can think best, a place for reflection.  Whatever experience it is you wish to have Jean-Christophe will evaluate the space to determine how this can be achieved through form as well as function. Another key element within the design is ensuring that the room is finished to perfection.

Jean-Christophe believes that even when a small detail is not quite right it can eventually turn into a persistent background noise which stops us from being able to utilise the space as completely as we wished.  This is why every detail is covered until you are completely happy and have a space which supports your needs.