Extending Dining Tables

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Extension dining tables are a great way to cater for varying number of guests. Particularly when space is confined. At Christophe Living we provide a number of extension mechanisms which offer different extension sizes and store-away functions.

Our most popular is the French table extension system whereby the extension leaf is tucked under each table end, it can be easily brought out or put away and has the advantage of being able to extend both ends or just one. Usually, each leaf is approximately 60cm long, thus giving up to four extra seats.

We also offer a butterfly extension system, which is usually used on our round tables. This system works by pulling the table open, revealing an extension leaf which emerges from the centre. This system allows for one single extension of approximately 50cm to 60cm and is ideal for a small round dining table, where only two extra places are required.

Our other extension mechanism is the store-away leaf system which allows for a very large number of extension leaves to be used, and works for both round and rectangular dining tables. This extension works using a metal sliding mechanism fixed under the table which enables the table to open, allowing for the extension pieces to be clipped securely to the table. This system allows for up to four extension leaves of 50cm – 60cm; with two seats per leaf you can add up to eight guests to your table setting.